Capt Dave Yelverton
(850) 203-0025
Capt Dave Yelverton
(850) 203-0025
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Fishing Trips for Kids

Do you have kids who want to try fishing? We were all kids once, right? Some of us still are, just bigger…

We believe it’s important for kids (typically 6-9 years old) to try fishing and have fun doing it. Since all kids are different and our weather and fishing conditions vary so much, we will customize every Kids’ Fishing Adventure accordingly.

We’ll keep it short – 2 hours. Kids will receive instruction on how to fish using light tackle.

We’ll go in the early afternoon usually, leaving shortly after lunch.

We’ll work to keep it active – we want everybody to catch a fish, hopefully several.

Catch and Release only – we’ll release our catch after the kids have a chance to identify the species, touch them, name them, take photos, whatever comes up.

These short adventures are for one adult and up to two kids. Pricing is $200. Please contact me via text, phone call, or email to check availability and book your Kids’ Fishing Adventure.

Captain Dave Yelverton
850-203-0025 cell, 704-619-2685 cell

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